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Meet the robo-MANTIS: Four-legged, four-wheeled robot unveiled at CES can walk or drive to handle any terrain

Motiv Robotics has unveiled its incredible new ‘RoboMantis’ – a four-legged, wheeled robot that can take on everything from first response missions to farming.

With its arms stretched into the air, RoboMantis is much taller than a human, and can operate semi-autonomously.

At CES, Motiv showed off the huge orange robot for the first time publicly.

With its large four-legged base and the potential for two dexterous robotic arms, RoboMantis in many ways mirrors the form of its biological inspiration.

The firm, which is also responsible for creating the robotic arms for NASA’s next Mars rover, debuted the robot for the first time at CES in Las Vegas today.

The robot is designed for hybrid mobility, Thayer explained.

‘Everything is very modular,’ Thayer told Dailymail.com.

According to the firm, it’s ‘the most capable robot on the market.’

‘If you’ve got to traverse a long distance, walking isn’t the most efficient form of motion – it’s not the most energy efficient form,’ Thayer said.

‘This will happen in unprepared terrain, or climbing stairs, that kind of thing,’ Thayer told Dailymail.com.

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