A car 'more intelligent than humans'... for $45,000: Byton unveils electric vehicle to rival Tesla with a 300-mile range, facial recognition and a 50-INCH dashboard touchscreen

The firm finally unveiled its first drivable prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, after teasing the so-called Smart Intuitive Vehicle (SIV) since September.

Byton has revealed the first look at the high-tech electric car it claims will ‘perceive more than what a human being will ever do.'

System can cope with all weather, traffic and lighting conditions.

According to Byton, the new smart vehicle will be the ‘fastest car on the data highway.’ The firm claims it will provide users with constant connection, with a bandwidth roughly five times higher than conventional systems, at up to 1000Mb/s.

Byton claims it is on the verge of achieving a fast-charging system that will ‘get enough charge for a whole week of urban commuting’ in just the amount of time it takes you to have a cup of coffee.

Its cars are designed to be ‘the next generation of smart devices for shared mobility and autonomous driving.’ As a result, much of the focus has been put into its smart human-vehicle interface.

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