Asus AI home robot that can do everything from play with your kids to look after the elderly gets FCC approval

It could finally be the home robot you've dreamed - capable of keeping the kids quiet and doing the shopping.

The Asus Zenbo, a $599 home robot the firm hopes will help bring robotics into the home, has passed its FCC certification, according to The Leaker.

The robot, first unveiled last year, sprang  to fame for a cringeworthy cover of Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in a festive, and somewhat terrifying, spectacle by the firm. 

Chairman Jonney Shih pledged the firm will 'enable robotic computing for every household.'

It was unveiled at Computex 2016 alongside a new range of mobile phones.

'For decades, humans have dreamed of owning such a companion: one that is smart, dear to our hearts, and always at our disposal,' said Mr Shih.

'Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household.'

ASUS Zenbo arose from Chairman Jonney Shih's ambition to enable robotic computing for every household. 

'Zenbo is a friendly and capable home robot designed to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to families and meant to address the needs of each family member in this ubiquitous computing era,' the firm said. 

'With a full range of capabilities, including the ability to move independently and understand spoken commands, Zenbo can assist in the home and interacting with him is easy and fun.' 

As a home care assistant, he proactively provides convenient, spoken reminders of important information, such as doctor's appointments, medication and exercise schedules, and anything else that needs to be remembered. 

Zenbo also monitors the home for emergency situations — such as falls — and immediately responds to them by notifying specified family members on their smartphones, no matter where they are. 

When they receive an emergency notification, family members can remotely control Zenbo to move nearby and use Zenbo's built-in camera to visually check on their loved one. 

A touchscreen allows users to easily interact with the robot - which also understands voice commands

Zenbo is also a fun and educational playmate for kids who entertains them with interactive stories and learning games that foster their creativity and logical thinking skills.

With a high-quality, built-in stereo sound system, Zenbo can play children's favorite songs and even dance along to the music, making for fun playtime activity.

'Zenbo is also an expert storyteller who keeps children entertained during the day and helps them fall asleep at night,' the firm boasts.

Zenbo includes a built-in library of stories that he tells in a variety of entertaining voices, while displaying accompanying images on his screen and controlling the room lighting to add a new level of interactivity and fun to story time. 

Zenbo also comes with educational games and an interactive encyclopedia that make learning fun.

Zenbo can connect to and control many smart home and traditional devices, including lights, TVs, air conditioners, and more.  

He can also help out in the kitchen, reading recipes out loud and functioning as a voice-controlled timer, so home chefs can stay focused on cooking.

It will also act as a remote-controlled home security camera that is accessible from anywhere via an intuitive smartphone app.  

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